Message from The Chair

Hello members,


Hope you are keeping well and still enjoying playing. In light of the recent changes by the government I thought it would be pertinent to send out a message from the club. 


The infection rate in the country is rising and in Gloucestershire is one of the highest in the country. The new variant (Omicron) is believed to be even more infectious than previous variants. 

Many professions (mine included) still require us all to do a LFT test twice a week to prevent unknown infections spreading. Also, if any of the symptoms of Covid appear I am required to do a PCR and stay off work until a negative result comes in, even though these symptoms are also symptoms of seasonal colds and flu. I am also required to wear a face mask at work all day and I personally have never stopped wearing face masks when inside a store. 

Please consider others and think about the prevention of Covid infections. 

  • Are you feeling unwell? - get a test and self isolate till negative

  • Are you testing at all?

  • Do you KNOW if you are not infected?

  • Would a mask being worn help keep others safe?


Whilst the official guidance from BE does not require any of this I would ask as chair of Stringbreakers that you think of others at this time. 


Let’s keep everyone safe and let’s keep Christmas safe. 

Adrian Parkinson
Stringbreakers Badminton Club Chairperson

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